Make a Clickable Shutdown or Restart Shortcut for your Computer

Don't like having to Ctrl+Alt+Del to 'shutdown' 'or restart'?? Yeah, me neither!

What's the solution? Make a Shutdown and/or Restart Icon for your computer desktop. Easy. Peezy. Here's how to create that clickable icon.

Please note: I write any computer-related 'how to' posts for the 'beginners', so don't take it personally if it seems like I'm 'talking down' to you. I am, big deal. (ha ha ha, just for clarification.)

Step one: On an open area of your desktop, right-click then from the flyout menu that opens, click on "new" then click on "shortcut" to create a new shortcut.
Enter the full path to the shortcut into the field labeled "Enter the location of the item:". The path for the shortcut is: C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0 (the last character is the number zero not the letter 'o').
Click the "Next" button.

Either accept the default icon label that shows in the field or type a new label. Then press the "Finish" button.

To make the icon stand out on your desktop or after you move it to the taskbar, you might change the icon – a fairly simple procedure. Find the icon you just created and right-click directly on it. This will bring up its 'flyout menu'. You will repeat that same right-click sequence in order to pin to startup/taskbar. DONE! Now when you want to shutdown your computer, simply click on the shutdown shortcut!