Sunday, July 27, 2014


I am listening to the movie "Unstoppable" by Kirk Cameron. "Listening" because I'm also setting up visual studio on my new laptop that arrived yesterday (Saturday). Touch screen HP with intell proc, etc. Pain in the bu## to setup a win8.1 machine too (or do I mean 'still' or 'as usual'). The movie, btw, is on netflix. It is enheartening to hear Kirk speak, he is clearly 'born again'.

But I have a slightly different perspective on God ... I think there IS a God but I do not think that humankind 'sinned' and as punishment was given just a few years, rather than eternal life, on this particular <em>plain of existence.</em>

No, I do not believe that.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

College or a Skilled Trade?

If you are still in school, or even if you are not, do not believe for one second that you must go to college. If you have a strong passion for creating things with your hands, enjoy sawing and hammering, like to solder or weld, or the thought of wiring a building brings a light to your eyes, rethink College. When you graduate from high school (or before you enter it), why not research the benefits of acquiring a skilled trade through a trade school or via an apprenticeship in your field of interest? You do not have to go to college in order to enjoy a fulfilling, good career and one that pays well too.
American society today tends to attach a social stigma to jobs that are considered "blue collar" and that is not only a terrible shame, it is also unwarranted snobbishness as well. Many so-called "blue collar" jobs are not related to "swinging a pick or digging a ditch" but in fact require highly skilled people. Everywhere in this country are "help wanted" signs in small shop windows or in daily / weekly business newspapers for just such "skilled trades" career opportunities.
Below is a screenshot of jobs available on the Blue Collar Crossing  job site.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Question: If you could go back in time and teach yourself when you were a kid or a teenager, what would you do?
Answer: I'll relate this to my own story (of course), and some of these things I wish I'd learned earlier in life (again, of course).

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What the World Expects from Moms —According to Procter & Gamble

Dear Procter & Gamble (or I should say "Dear Advertising Agency for P&G): So that's what you think is the important task that moms do? Push their kids to become 'athletes'??? How about highlighting the important things that moms do every day for their kids.
Why not make a commercial that shows moms — helping their kids with homework, driving (or walking) their kids to the local public library and picking out age-appropriate, interesting stories about real people and real situations in an effort to grow their love of reality and non-fiction rather than fantasyland tales. How about a commercial featuring moms showing their children, by example, that the reward for hard work is a sense of accomplishment and why that is important.