April 21–27, 2014
Closed For Business

[Apr 21, 2014] Luke Harvey-Palmer knows a lot about closing businesses. Seven years ago he saw the Richard Branson quote "fail fast, fail often", a philosophy he has lived by through many businesses on his path to success.

Since 2007 Harvey-Palmer has launched and closed many businesses, including Healthy Sales, an agency focused on developing a mentally and physically strong sales team and Buzzle, a social media branding and marketing group.

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The Enterprise Products With Disruptive Potential For 2014

[Apr 20, 2014] If you were a CIO trying to lead the business from the front and begin deeper transformation to digital/social engagement, what would be on your short list? I asked myself that question as I reviewed products based on some of the more interesting – or in a few cases only likely to be much-discussed – enterprise technologies of 2014 recently.

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The End Of Nokia? Firm To Be Renamed Microsoft Mobile Oy When Deal Closes

[Apr 21, 2014] The grand old name of Nokia will be dropped from the company's title as soon as the Microsoft takeover is rubber stamped this month, according to a letter sent by the new owners to suppliers.

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Ohio Man Gets Felony Charge for Allegedly Refusing to Land Aerial Camera Drone

[Apr 21, 2014] If you're looking to try drone photography/ videography, first understand the laws governing your local community or wherever you plan to try the drone out. From the stories we've read of people getting in trouble with law enforcement authorities, it seems the lines are blurred, between what users understand to be their rights and the police's interpretation of the law. Do some research and know your rights.

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