Facebook is American 'SS"

Beware of Facebook's Bullying, Identify Theft Techniques!!

Facebook is violating the USA Constitution by bullying longtime users into sharing their personal identification with Facebook.
They just tried that with me. They banned me from my longtime facebook page, Violet Weed, because they 'claim' that is not my REAL name when in point of FACT it is the ONLY name I've had in my long life.
Yet today there are two other Violet Weed pages on Facebook, both of them are FAKE NAMES.
You think this bullying, gestapo-like treatment could not happen to you? You think it is LEGAL?
If you are AMERICAN, take a look at what information Facebook 'requires' if you get banned from your site and want it back.
Click on the link below to view Facebook's 'policy' on identification that they will only accept if you are locked out of your account due to Facebook's illegal policy.

Facebook is Violating USA Citizens RIGHT TO PRIVACY

That is harassment and constitutionally ILLEGAL behavior.

Right now my lawyers are in the process  of filing a class-action type lawsuit against Facebook. If you want to join the lawsuit, email me and I will forward your contact info to my attorneys.

  Violet Weed email

P.S. Don't imagine this cannot happen to you, because it happened to ME the only AUTHENTIC Violet Weed in North America!